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Measure Listings Walkability and Sun Number

Walk ScoreAs a real estate professional, you try to meet the wants and needs of buyers and sellers. As the marketplace trends are shifting toward a greener environment, so are your customer's requirements.

Price and location are important factors for customers when buying a home. That is why walkability and a propertie's solar score can be key ingredients in today's home buying market.
Delta Media Group's latest releases, Walk Score and Sun Number, allow SEO customers to engage with clients on an environmental and lifestyle level. These features have been automatically integrated on to the listing detail pages of your website. 

When viewing a property listing, customers will be provided with the property's Walk Score and Sun Number ratings. Walk Score automatically measures the address's walkability to the surrounding amenities and ranks it based on a points system. This feature benefits potential home buyers by giving them a picture of the walking distance to restaurants, schools, grocery stores, and entertainment in their new neighborhood. Sun Number automatically measures the address's solar suitability of the rooftop and is ranked on a points system also. This feature informs buyers of the solar potential of the building where they can save money and the environment.
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Walk Score

Walk Score Point System

Sun Number

See Walk Score and Sun Number rankings presented on each of your listings detail pages along with Market Trends, Demographics, and Schools tabs. 

*Detailed information on Walk Score

*Detailed information on Sun Number 



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