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Social media marketing is one of the most reliable, effective ways to drive traffic to your listings, profile, and real estate website, but growing your social presence organically takes time. While it's still well worth investing some time into growing your presence organically, we're guessing that you don't want to wait around to start reaping the benefits of social media marketing.

So why not up your marketing game, and get the best of both worlds? With the right targeted social media advertising, you can grow your presence more quickly, reach more people from your target demographics, and set yourself up for long-term social media success.

Why Social Media Marketing Is So Powerful for Promoting Your Real Estate Business

Social media is already a place where your potential clients work, play, and consume content on the topics that matter most to them. Whether they're looking for a dependable real estate agent who can help them accomplish their goals or simply searching for homes in the markets where you do business, you want them to find your name first. And when they find you on their favorite social site, you want to build trust with a social presence that shows them exactly why you're the right choice for their real estate needs.

Social media integration is also a natural way to boost traffic and engagement for your profile, listings, and real estate website. On top of that, the social proof – like reviews and testimonials – that you generate by providing great service to current clients is one of your best assets for attracting new clients. Add it all up, and it's easy to see why it's so worthwhile to invest in building a strong presence on social media.

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Ultimately, any investment you make into your social media presence is going toward the generation of new business and the growth of your customer base. With paid advertising on the most popular social sites like Facebook and Instagram, you have so much more control over who you reach and how you reach them. Organic growth takes time and there is such intense competition for attention on social media. That's why it's important to take advantage of the additional tools available, like paid advertising, to help you achieve your social media goals as efficiently and effectively as possible while maximizing the reach of your social presence.

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With the right tools and the right plan, it's easier than ever before to grow your real estate business with social media marketing. And your social media advertising is about so much more than helping you accomplish important, short-term goals. In the long run, a robust, engaging social presence can help you generate new business, earn referrals, drive website traffic, build trust, and grow your brand in the places where it matters most. All it takes to get started is a few clicks and the right tools for the job.


In this week's Tech Tuesday, Harley Wolfarth demonstrate how you can add panoramic photos to your listings through the DeltaNET.

Video Transcription


Hello, and welcome to Tech Tuesday presented by Delta Media Group, where there's no time for clever jokes or movie references today. So, pitter patter let's get at her. So, today we're going to take a look at some new functionality we have added for listing photos, specifically, you can now add panoramic photos to your listings. And they're pretty neat. You can actually go into these photos in such a way that if you even had Google Cardboard, if you've ever heard of that or a VR headset, you could actually view this panoramic photo in VR. So, it's kind of neat and kind of an easy thing you could actually do with your phone at a listing.


So, in order to add a panoramic photo to the DeltaNet, you must first create the panoramic photo using a regular camera that supports a panoramic photo mode; or most phones out today, or most smartphones do have the ability to take panoramic pictures. But how you do that depends on your device. Now, once you've taken your picture and you have downloaded it onto your computer, or you could actually do this with your mobile device though the interface will look a little bit different, you can go in and add it to your listing.


So, to do that, we're here in the DeltaNet. We're going to go down to listings and then down to manage my listings. And now from here, we're going to go into the listing profile page for the listing that we would like to add our panoramic photo to. So, in this case, we'll just go ahead and choose this first one. So, I'm going to click on the MLS ID in order to get to that page. Now, the MLS ID looks a little funny because this is a test listing. But you'll just click on your MLS ID to get into this page.


Now, from here, you'll see that we have a new tab up at the top called panoramic photos. I'm going to click on that, and now this is where we can upload our photo. Now, you can see here that for best results it's looking for an image aspect ratio of two to one. So, the idea is that, and it says here, the width must be exactly twice the height. So, the closer you can get to that, the better the image is going to look in the viewer.


So, now we're just going to click on add file, and I happen to have a panoramic photo prepared here. I'm just going to click on that. So, there we go. And now once you've added it here, you click on start upload to actually add it to the system. There we go. You can see the page refreshes. So, if I go back over here and click on panoramic photos, you can see there's my picture, my very pretty scenic vista here. And now if we go to the listing detail page for this property, I can just click here as a shortcut to get there.


You can see that opens up in a new tab. And now in my listing photo section, you can see there is an additional button for panorama. If I click on that, it'll actually show me all of the panoramic photos I have uploaded to this listing. In this case, I have just the one; but if I had more than one, it would actually show a box for each one here. And then if I click on the photo here, it will open it up in the panoramic viewer.


And you can see how cool this is. So, it opens it up. You can navigate it. I say navigate, but you can move around within the image using your mouse here. Or if you were using a mobile device and you were viewing this, as you moved your device around, you could actually see this move with your phone as if your phone, you're looking through a window into this image. So, that's kind of neat.


And the other thing you can do is down here, there's some additional settings. So, I could click this to full screen it, which would make it fill up my screen depending on what size your monitor is. And then you can view a larger version of this image. Or I can click on this gear down here, and I have some additional options. So, right now it's on mouse control, which makes sense for what I'm using. But if I were using a mobile device, I might want this to be on sensor control, in which case it's using the gyroscope in the device so when I move my device around, it's moving me around within the image.


And the next thing we have here is under mode. I'm on normal mode, so it's just basically displaying a box that has my panoramic image in it. But I could change this to Cardboard view. So if I was using a Google Cardboard or a VR headset, you can see that it will line up with the eye sockets, the eye holes on that device. So, it'll be like virtual reality. It'll act as if I'm there.


And then lastly, we've got a stereoscopic mode. So, you can see it is two separate, slightly different images. You can see how they're a slightly different part of the image because it's designed, you're right eye would be seeing one. Your left eye would be seeing the other. This would be used for more dedicated VR headsets as opposed to the Google Cardboard view specifically which is designed to line up with the lens sizes in a Google Cardboard if you set one of those up, if you know what that is.


But there you go. So, that is how you can add a panoramic image to any of your listings and then how your customers can get in and see those images online. And as I said, you can add more than one. So, you could have a whole series of panoramic images for different parts of the yard or different rooms within the property.


So, there you go. Thank you very much, kind of a short one today. I'm keeping it easy on you. So, as always, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to send an email into, or give us a call and we can walk you through whatever functionality you'd like. And thank you very much. I will see you again next week.

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