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Keep Your Business Humming with Real Estate Technology
As the coronavirus pandemic enters its eighth month, Harvard Business School reports that many people working from home work longer and attend more meetings than before remote work started.

Early weeks of the pandemic saw the workday lengthen more than 8%––a difference of nearly 50 minutes. That adds up to a staggering increase from a 9.6-hour day to 10.8 hours at the recorded activity peak.

Data from more than three million people in 16 world cities showed many types of activity increasing:

  • Employees sent 5.2% more work-related emails in a day.
  • Emails sent had an average of 2.9 more recipients.
  • Approximately 8.3 percent more emails were sent after hours.

With many people wondering if the 9-to-5 workday is gone for good, it's essential for real estate professionals to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Ask yourself this question, "Are you integrating real estate technology in a way that keeps productivity and morale up, and turning back the tide of an ever-expanding workday?"

Real Estate Technology is Essential to Working Smarter, Not Longer

In many industries, it's common to boast about long hours at work and little sleep. Over the last ten years, real estate has embraced the opposite mindset. Sales associates know managing their energy is just as crucial as managing their time––and it's indispensable to giving clients the best quality of service.

Most of us, in any industry, simply can't give 100% for 10.8 hours.

As with so many innovative real estate firms today, technology can be the driving force behind superior client care and a healthy work-life balance.

Adopting technology into real estate firms isn't without trade-offs: There is a learning curve when sales associates update their workflows to include unfamiliar, sophisticated tools. But beyond the initial shocks of change lie new vistas of productivity that give real estate pros the time and energy to truly excel.

That means having more time for high-touch relationships with clients and prospects, crafting a world-class customer experience, and building a brand you're proud of while still having time to sleep at night.

Technology has been the key to keeping real estate humming during the coronavirus pandemic. As 2020 gives way to 2021, we are hopeful more firms will use new tools to become more efficient and effective.

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Coach Cover Story

In 2019 Long Island's Coach Realtors launched a corporate rebranding campaign, "Here You Can," positioning the company for its future using messages of inspiration and possibility.
As a part of this month's cover story, the leadership team at Coach Realtors shares how "Here You Can" sets the tone for its sales associates, the public, and the community it serves.

Coach REALTORS Here You Can

Here You Can Build A Legacy

Coach Realtors' story begins with a friendship that started during World War II. That friendship continued and grew into a business partnership between the wartime friends in 1954. The foundation of that business still exists today in Long Island's Coach Realtors, owned and operated by the Finn family since 1980.
Larry and Georgianna Finn acquired the brand from its original owners and spent the next four decades growing and nurturing the brand. The Finn family and the real estate industry are inextricably intertwined. The Finns remain as the company's chairman and president, respectively.
Today, Coach Realtors is lead by Lawrence P. (LP) Finn, II, Whitney Finn-LaCosta, and Robert LaCosta, who bring experience, finesse, strong leadership, and a deep commitment to their associates, their community, and the people drawn to live on Long Island.

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Watson Realty
They Made the Switch. Will You?

Watson Realty recently switched back to being an independent company after 15 years of co-branding with a national brand. While the national affiliation offered many positive benefits, overall, Watson's leadership decided it was time to revisit its roots and further dominate their marketplace on their own.

Part of their decision-making process included the options afforded to them by Delta Media Group®. With its robust web platforms and back-end marketing automation, Watson found most, if not all, of the tools it needed to help their agents experience more production and effective time management was found with Delta Media Group.

The Story Behind the Decision
Watson Realty's story begins in Kern County, California, in 1943, when Warde D. Watson moved from Los Angeles to Bakersfield and opened the company. Over the years, Watson has been a local mainstay for Bakersfield residents and the greater Kern County area seeking assistance with their real estate needs.
In 1982, the Carter family and Watson Realty's paths intersected when Warren Carter purchased the company. In 2003, son Ken purchased the company from his parents, and now he and Bill Redmond own and direct the day-to-day activities of Watson Realty.

Through the ups and downs of market cycles in the real estate industry, Watson Realty remains strong. Really strong! It continues its reputation as the best local option for real estate advice and guidance for generations of local families in Bakersfield and beyond.

Watson Realty Bill Redmond"Our success and continued prosperity stem from the high-caliber sales associates who choose to affiliate with Watson," says Broker / Owner / Vice President, Bill Redmond. "Over the years, along with highly skilled support staff, we have nearly perfected the art of tapping into their entrepreneurial spirit and developing a company around them that helps motivate, inspire, support, and lead their consistently high production levels."

Watson Realty Ken CarterPresident and CEO Ken Carter adds, "Our number one focus today is ensuring that the consumer can access a high-level experience across each of our platforms (real estate brokerage, mortgage, and escrow) and that their wants and needs are met with efficiency and to the highest levels of professionalism possible."

"In today's marketplace, we are measured against the consumer experience that people have with the largest companies in the world," Carter states. "The internet connects us all to the best of the best from the comfort of our desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. We have to be mindful of this constant comparison, and we need to be in a position to meet and exceed this expectation as well."

New Partners Mean New Possibilities
Name recognition, top-notch training, and full-service support are only a few reasons Watson associates rave about working for their real estate firm.

When Watson Realty left their national affiliation and signed with Delta Media Group as their online marketing and technology partner, they opened the door to an entirely new realm of possibilities. Delta Media Group is the leading technology partner to many of the top US real estate firms. They are the creator of DeltaNET™️ 6, the real estate industry's most advanced all-in-one technology platform.

Watson Realty's partnership allowed them to support its associates at a higher level and stay ahead of its competitors with emerging real estate technology.

"We take great pride in saying we support our sales associates' brands and businesses with Delta Media Group's website, CRM, and digital marketing tools. Our associates hold the keys to real estate marketing solutions that will reshape the way they do business," says Redmond. "DeltaNET 6 allows our team to generate leads, communicate with clients and prospects, streamline transactions, and provide top-notch customer service all from one platform."

Here's What Some of Watson's Top Producing Agents Have to Say:

The Gordon TeamThe Gordon Team: "Watson has been a leader in the Bakersfield real estate business community for over 75 years. It has a great reputation amongst agents and the general public, which gives its agents a competitive advantage. The support and facilities Watson provides to its agents is top-notch and helps make each transaction as smooth as possible. It also allows agents to focus on selling real estate rather than worrying about other business details. The broker, Bill Redmond, is very knowledgeable and is always available to answer any questions his agents might have. He is loyal to his agents and makes you feel like he 'has your back.' These are just some of the reasons why we love working at Watson and why it has helped our real estate business succeed."

Mike SabaMike Saba: "I work at Watson Realty because I want to associate myself and my business where sales are a priority, standards are high, and agents are successful."

Kim SheridanKim Sheridan: "Watson Realty's professionalism, longevity, and full-service support are all top-notch. Watson definitely caters to the success of their agents."

Extending Its Reach Across the Country and the Globe
In keeping with the independent direction and mindset, earlier this year, Watson also jumped at the opportunity to once again align themselves with the largest independent referral and relocation network, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® (LeadingRE), along with a host of other corporate relocation affiliations and referral sources, Watson's exclusive local-market membership with LeadingRE expanded its associates' reach and services for clients across the country and around the globe.

"People are constantly looking to Bakersfield as another option," Carter said. "With the lasting impacts of the pandemic, folks are now in a position to choose their homes and communities more selectively–they don't necessarily need to be close to work anymore," he added. "Corporate group moves, individuals, and families are all looking at the benefits of California living without the hassles of being confined to crowded cities and clogged freeways. Bakersfield and our surrounding communities offer residents the very best of both worlds with a huge reduction in the hassle-factor. Life here is just way easier," he concluded.

"Whether relocating to or from Bakersfield, or to or from anywhere on the globe, our reconnection with LeadingRE makes their relocation journey easier," Redmond added.

Watson Realty's local reputation and expertise is the missing link to the LeadingRE landscape locally. This affiliation ensures that LeadingRE clients are working with exceptional local professionals. The latter also places their outgoing leads into a process that ensures high-level connections for relocating buyers and quality real estate companies across the country and around the world.

LeadingRE members mirror the stability, strength, and professionalism that sets Watson apart from other local brokerages. From London to Beijing, to Johannesburg and beyond, Watson Realty is proud to work with the very best companies worldwide.

Watson Realty

Your Business, Your Choices, Your Legacy
Owning and operating any business, real estate companies included, lead to many sleepless nights no matter the circumstances. For Watson, moving from franchisee to independent once again was a relatively easy decision.

As much as they may try, national franchises just aren't in a position to quickly adapt to local conditions. In electing to navigate the unpredictable headwaters on the horizon, Watson sees the benefits of being unaffiliated and flexible.

"As the saying goes, all real estate is local," explained Carter. "While I will always value the many outstanding relationships and contributions afforded by our franchise experience, Bill and I and our entire team are eager for the freedom and flexibility that being an independent firm offers."

"Watson's relationship with Delta Media Group as well as exciting new implementations to our business model allows us to offer our agents a gateway to build upon their personal brands. At Watson, it's Your Business, Your Choices, and Your Legacy," states Redmond.

Carter concludes, "Our numerous local advantages outweigh the other options available to local buyers and sellers. Having tried them both, we are confident that our company, our sales associates, our customers, and our incredible staff will and are seeing the "Watson Difference" this flexibility offers, and we're just getting started."

Builder REALTOR Relationships
Since 2012, home builders have had the opportunity to feed listings directly to the MLS system used by sales associates around the country. It was a significant step in the relationship between real estate pros and builders––and that partnership has been deepening ever since.
A technology-enabled, collaborative workflow helps builders and sales associates grow together. In recent years, more than half of all buyers considered new construction. However, many real estate experts feel unsure about the best way to reach out to builders and sell new home builds.

Even in today's COVID-rocked world, new home sales are up, and interest remains strong going into the fall. In July 2020, sales of new single-family homes were over 36% above July 2019's figures of 661,000.

That makes July 2020 the single best month for sales of newly built homes since 2006.
But how can you get involved with builders and lay the foundations for strong cooperation?
Here are six ways to get started building a perfect relationship with home builders.

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Boost SEO & Generate Leads
Generating real estate leads starts with building a great website but ensuring your target audience can find that website ultimately plays a significant role in the overall success of your lead generation efforts. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the key to directing more traffic to your website and turning that traffic into a steady supply of fresh leads. While SEO is complicated and the best results take time, there are steps you can take today to start your website on the path to becoming a lead generation machine. Take your real estate website to the next level with these eight tips to improve your SEO and generate more leads.

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Real Estate SMS Text Marketing

SMS Text Marketing & Millennial Buyers

Over the last few years, Millennials have turned out by the thousands leaving many wondering what they want when it comes to real estate.

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Building Your Brand Online
When you tell a story, every detail matters. The more vibrant the portrait you paint, the more likely the story's receiver becomes invested in its outcome.

This fact is true when you're telling a traditional story, and it's equally important in real estate storytelling. The story you tell through your blog, your real estate website, or social media channels is your best opportunity to help shoppers fall in love with your local markets and your business.

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Get noticed with Social Media

40 Post Ideas for Real Estate Social Media

Do you feel like your real estate business is getting the cold shoulder from people on social media? You're probably right! Your social media pages are prime spots to connect with clients on a personal level--if you know how to get their attention. Make people stand up and notice your real estate business with this list of our 40 favorite social media posts to attract clients.

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