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Expanding up and down the East Coast, Realty Exchange is redefining the term teamwork in real estate.

When Shane Radcliff and several agents were dissatisfied with the franchise practices at a large franchise, they decided to leave it behind and start their own brokerage. In 2013, they founded Realty Exchange, which has since grown from a four-agent firm to one with over 70 agents spanning four states, with further expansion in the works.

"In 2013, myself and a few other agents worked for a national franchise, and we just thought there had to be a better way to treat agents," says Radcliff. "We decided to go out on our own and open a company, and we've been growing ever since. We went from four agents to about 70 agents, and from an unknown company to the number one company in our market area within a short time, nine years."

A Team Effort 

When it comes to hiring agents, Realty Exchange looks for team-oriented people. At Realty Exchange, the agents are there to look out for each other and their clients. They want agents who enjoy what they do and want to help their customers no matter what it takes. They don't want those who are simply looking for a paycheck.

"We want people who are team players," says Radcliff. "That's one thing coming from the other company. We would have agents internally that would compete with each other, whereas in this company, we have a lot of agents who get along really well. They help each other and cover for vacations and medical issues, and it's really a team effort at this company."

At Realty Exchange, they want agents who not only blend with the team culture but also want to work there over other brokerages. Radcliff believes it should be the agent's choice who they work with, not the other way around.

"A lot of companies will go out and seek agents from the management down; I don't do that," Radcliff remarks. "I think that the agents themselves should pick who they want to work with, and that has driven our success because we try not to recruit people that we just don't want to work with and don't fit our team profile."

It's All About the Agents

Once an agent joins the team at Realty Exchange, they have the opportunity to share their insights regularly. The staff believes it's important to ensure that the agents are satisfied and have everything they need to do their jobs. 

"We don't do anything without the agents' input and feedback," says Radcliff. "It's not a top-down driven company; it's a sideway driven company where we respect and treat agents as equals and want their input. They do the job daily, so I think they have a better knowledge of what we need."

With the agents' feedback in mind, Realty Exchange has an excellent system for providing training and support for agents. They offer both group and one-on-one training.

"We have two full-time trainers," Radcliff says. "At least once or twice a week, we will have classes on various tech issues, ethics issues, pretty much anything that the agents want. We also have one-on-one time where they can schedule an appointment to come in, and for anything they're having trouble with, the trainers sit down with them and go over the process or go over the tech that they need help with so they are better prepared to serve their clients."

Competing in the Big Leagues Without Breaking the Bank

Realty Exchange started working with Delta Media Group® after they found that having a basic website that didn't cater to the needs of the real estate industry wasn't doing the job. They found Delta while doing research online and are more than happy with the results.

"When we first started, we actually had a software developer working on a website for us, and it just wasn't what we wanted as far as being driven toward real estate," says Radcliff. "It was a basic website. So we researched for quite a while, and we found Delta Media, and just being real estate driven, it's a great tool for what we are, and the industry we're in."

They believe that the tools Delta provides, especially the newer products like Delta Pitch, have contributed to their brand's growth. It also allows them to compete with large franchises without needing to pay as much for the same level of technology.

"With the expansion of Delta Pitch and some of the new things that have come out, it's just really helped us grow our brand and be able to offer our agents the same tools that franchise companies offer, but for a fraction of the cost," says Radcliff.

Making the Winter Count

Knowing the wintertime is typically the slowest time of year, Realty Exchange understands that means it's the time to advertise the most. They feel that with the tools they have through Delta, such as their website and Social Connector, ramping up marketing and advertising is simple, and they can achieve results in a short amount of time.

"When business is slower, that's the time you need to advertise the most," Radcliff says. "So with the tools on the new website, we reach out via social media and have a lot more time to do marketing, Facebook, and upload flyers that we're able to create. There's not as much business, but we can maintain the level of business based on the overall percentages. That's the key for us, to keep busy through the winter. Even if it's not selling houses, it's marketing for the spring."

Radcliff and the team at Realty Exchange also think that the winter is the perfect time to focus on training. This winter, they plan on taking the opportunity to get agents up-to-date with all the new tools in DeltaNET®.

"With the new website and Delta Pitch, we're excited to get the agents on board to learn the new tools," says Radcliff. "When you're busy, it's great, but you don't really have time to do anything else. So now that the market is changing a little bit, we're taking the opportunity to train the agents on how to maintain their level of business through technology, which I think is the key for the future."

A New Year For Expansion

Looking ahead to the new year, Realty Exchange is on the path to further growth and expansion. They are planning to open offices in Georgia and North Carolina in 2023. They are also looking to expand to South Carolina and Virginia soon, and hope to begin that process during the coming year.

"The big goal for the next year or two is to drive the growth into other markets," says Radcliff.

Radcliff says they chose these states because they are excellent real estate markets to tap into and, as a broker living in Florida, he can easily travel to those states and play an active role in building the business. 

"I'd like to keep it a regional company because I like to have contact with every agent that works for me," Radcliff continues, "And with those states there, I can have monthly contact in person."

The Future Looks Bright

With their eyes set on expansion and the right tools and strategies to grow, the future looks bright for Realty Exchange. And by zeroing in on training and ramping up their marketing this winter, they will be better prepared when business gets busy again this spring.

While they certainly have succeeded in making a name for themselves in the markets they serve, what truly sets Realty Exchange apart is the way their agents work together. The team was founded on the idea that all agents should be treated with respect and look out for each other the same way they look out for their clients. By continuing to lead with these values, Realty Exchange is ready to take their brand of real estate expertise to new territory.


Founded nearly 50 years ago, Dickson Realty has elevated its way to the top of the real estate market in Northern Nevada and California. 

Established in Reno, Nevada, by Fianna Dickson in 1973, Dickson Realty is an innovator in the Western region. Rebecca Dickson, Fianna's daughter, now serves as one of the Broker/Owners and VP of the Luxury Division at Dickson Realty, following the path her mother began almost 50 years ago. Nearly all of the owners of Dickson Realty are family, and the family atmosphere transfers to the agents and employees of the company.

"Dickson Realty has been an innovative company from the beginning when it was founded by Fianna Dickson in 1973," says Andrew Reel, the VP of Marketing & Technology at Dickson Realty. "And this was a time when being a woman and owner of a real estate company was very innovative." 

Dickson Realty was also ahead of its time in selecting the Reno and Sparks region to lay its foundation. When they started their brokerage, those areas were nothing like what they are today. They have grown exponentially over the time Dickson Realty has been in business, which has lent itself well to the growth and expansion of the company. 

"As Reno and Sparks grew in population and size, the company expanded too, representing developers and builders of the most prestigious master-planned communities in Northern Nevada," says Reel.

After seeing such growth within the area, the company set out to expand again in the early 2000s, this time to Northern California. They set up offices in the mountain communities surrounding Lake Tahoe, as well as in the resort town of Truckee, California. 

"We now have over 325 agents in 10 offices spread throughout the Reno metropolitan area and Lake Tahoe," Reel continues, "And in California, we have offices in Truckee, Northstar, and Portola." 

Today, Dickson Realty helps residential and commercial buyers, sellers, and renters in Northern Nevada and California. The company also offers 1031 exchange services, instant offers, and bridge-buying services. 

An Elevated Experience For Clients 

The team at Dickson Realty knows that to best serve clients in any market, you need to be someone they can come to for information about the local market. So every agent at Dickson Realty is required to be knowledgeable about the area. 

Reel says, "We are the trusted advisor to our clients, and we are experts in the neighborhoods that we represent." 

Aside from being knowledgeable, one of the most important values at Dickson Realty is providing the highest level of service for their clients. And that means providing them with the best possible experience.

Reel says, "Our tagline is, 'Experience Elevated.' We realize that we can have top agents, we can have top staff, but really, the client experience needs to be elevated to a higher level and it needs to be seamless." 

Committed to Their Communities 

At Dickson Realty, they value the people and the businesses in every community they operate in and are committed to serving those communities as best as possible. And that doesn't stop at real estate transactions.

"We're committed to serving the communities in which we live and work," Reel continues, "And we give back. We put money and time into the initiatives that make our communities better." 

Due to this being such an essential part of their business, everyone at Dickson Realty is involved in serving their communities, and that includes partnering with, and attending events for, numerous local organizations.

"It's a safe bet to say that everyone at Dickson Realty is involved in serving our communities," says Reel. "The company owners, agents, and employees participate at every level of many organizations. From the board of directors of the Community Foundation of Northern Nevada to the restocking of supplies in the Grassroots Karma Box program — and our own Dickson Realty Community Fund  is yet another powerful demonstration of our civic devotion."

Being a leader in their community is such an integral component of the culture and the values that Dickson Realty represents, so they recruit agents who feel similarly. Reel says, "Since being involved in the communities that we serve is a core value, we recruit to that value."

Supporting the Well-Being of Every Agent 

With excellent leadership and an open-door policy coming from the brokers and owners, along with a support staff that's always ready to assist with any problem that comes their way, Dickson Realty shows us that supporting their agents is a top priority. 

"Dickson Realty has the deepest leadership and support bench in the region," remarks Reel. "The owners and brokers have a true open-door policy, and they are always available to support agents on their cell phones. Any agent can contact any broker for help or guidance. Any agent can also contact any of our support staff for help with market research, marketing of listings, or technology support." 

Along with continuous agent support, Dickson offers new hires the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program, one-on-one learning, and group skill-building sessions. When an agent joins the company they are enrolled in Dickson University, a six-week intensive that gives them all the information they need to be a successful member of the Dickson Realty team. 

"We're a learning organization,'' Reel continues, "In addition to our six-week intensive Dickson University for new agents, we have mentoring programs, ongoing classroom and one-on-one learning, and skill-building opportunities. So really, no other real estate company compares with the level of support that's available at Dickson Realty. All of these things work together to help us attract and retain the best agents." 

At Dickson Realty, they follow the Ninja Selling philosophy, which is a unique training system based around building relationships, listening to your customers, and helping them achieve their goals. Refreshers and continued courses on these philosophies are also available for agents. 

Reel says, "In 2000, we embraced the Ninja Selling philosophy and system. Every agent at Dickson Realty goes through a Ninja installation, and several of our agents have attended multiple installations or refreshers. We also coach our agents in weekly interactive meetings on the skills they need to attain mastery in the practice of real estate and mastery in their personal lives." 

Another way Dickson Realty supports its agents is by providing resources for their mental and physical health. They understand that the real estate business can be stressful, especially in times like these where inventory is low and interest rates are rising. And when business is booming, their busy schedules can cause them to neglect their well-being. 

"We're doubling down on the health of our agents," mentions Reel. "For the last two to three years, we've been so busy, and it's also been stressful. So now as the market is normalizing, we're recognizing that our agents are feeling it and we're there to support them." 

The culture at Dickson Realty is team-oriented, which means that the agents are there to offer support to one another. They understand that although real estate may be a competitive field, the way to stand out and be the best is by working together. 

Reel says, "We're a highly collaborative team at Dickson Realty. It's rare in any sales environment, which is competitive by nature. And our collaborative spirit sets us apart from our competitors."

 A Land of Luxury 

Covering a beautiful area with so many amazing luxury homes, it's no surprise that Dickson Realty has its own luxury division, and Dickson Luxury has several partnerships and affiliations, including Luxury Portfolio International®, a global network of over 200 independent brokerages that sells more luxury real estate than any other luxury real estate network. Dickson Realty is proud of where they stand and the progress they've made within that market over the years. 

"We're really proud of our leadership in the luxury real estate market, '' says Reel. "Our involvement with the region's master-planned communities began back in the mid-1980s and continues today. And it helps with our luxury experience and growth in luxury real estate marketing. We were one of the original firms in the '80s to join Great Estates, which later became Christie's Great Estates. And then since 2005, we've been affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® and Luxury Portfolio International." 

Having been in the business of luxury for many years, Dickson Realty represents a significant portion of the luxury market share in the Reno-Sparks region. According to Reel, "Today, Dickson Realty represents nearly 45% of home sales over $2 million in the Reno-Sparks metropolitan area and 51% of home sales over $3 million." 

Their success in the luxury division can also be attributed to their marketing strategies, which they believe are key when it comes to marketing luxury homes. When speaking about these strategies, Reel says, "Dickson Realty is data-driven. They include a mix of print, digital search engine advertising, and targeted social media ads to areas where the luxury home buyers are coming from." 

Busy All-Year Round 

Given that Dickson Realty spans several resort towns and areas ideal for any time of year, things don't seem to slow down quite as much as in other locations during winter. It's not just luxurious in the Reno-Lake Tahoe region, it's a hot year-round destination for world-class summer and winter sports and recreation. There's everything from PGA-level golf to hiking, skiing, and mountain biking. 

"The lifestyle of living in the Reno-Truckee-Tahoe area gives us a huge advantage to overcome a slow winter season," says Reel. "While winter does bring a slower sales pace to many parts of the country, we're fortunate to have Lake Tahoe in our backyard and the largest concentration of ski resorts in the lower 48 states." 

Reel also mentions that living in Nevada not only brings a great quality of life but comes with financial benefits as well, noting, "The advantages of living in Nevada can be financial, especially for our neighbors in California. Nevada is a zero-income tax state, and the winter season is when many business owners and high-net-worth individuals are involved in their tax planning strategies." 

Despite serving in such a sought-after area offering many advantages for home buyers and investors, they still experience tough times and slow market conditions. Even in a location like this, nothing is ever certain, especially during an economic downturn.

"Our market does slow down from time to time, and there's certainly uncertainty in geopolitical and economic markets as we've had now for several months," says Reel. "When market conditions turn up or down, our agents are equipped to provide advice to their clients, enabling them to make informed decisions." 

A Tech Partner That Knows What They Need 

When it came to choosing a tech provider, given all the mergers and acquisitions within the industry, Dickson Realty wanted a partner who was committed to not selling — like Delta Media Group® is. It took them a while to find Delta, but they eventually did and couldn't be happier. 

"Our search process started a full year before we came to an agreement with Delta," says Reel. "There's a lot of competition in the space. Aligning with a partner who would commit to not selling out was very important to us." 

Aside from a promise to remain independent, Dickson Realty also wanted to partner with a provider that offered all the tools they needed to be successful in the real estate industry and understood what was needed to best serve clients. 

"In our business, relationships and expertise are key," says Reel. "It's very important to Dickson Realty's leadership that we're aligned with a technology partner that understands our industry, is responsive to our business needs, and is regarded as the go-to expert in providing the tools and resources we need to be successful. It's also important to have a partner that understands and supports our Ninja Selling philosophy of being in flow with our clients." 

Technology That Makes Life Easy 

Dickson Realty recognizes DeltaNET® for the way it ties all of the marketing and lead-generation tools together and integrates with their website. They feel that it helps both their agents and their marketing team, each in different ways. 

Reel says, "The DeltaNET is the centerpiece of our tech stack. The integration of our website with all the tools in the DeltaNET helps our marketing team and our agents on multiple fronts." 

Specifically, they love how it makes staying in touch with clients and prospects so easy and provides them with new ways to market everything from open houses to new listings and recent sales. They also value being able to create automated CMA reports in Delta Pitch, send automated email drip campaigns, and contact customers via SMS text messaging. 

Reel says, "We can easily and automatically stay in touch with prospects and clients while providing relevant content via email, text message, and/or social media. We can easily create CMAs and listing presentations for print and virtual presentations. We can easily market property listings and services with print and e-brochures, social media campaigns, and email blasts announcing new listings, open houses, and new sales." 

Along with being able to stay connected and create marketing materials, they appreciate that they can provide clients with relevant and accurate information on topics they want to know. This is an integral part of their communication with clients, which can be accomplished by automatically creating reports using market data, sending My Customer for Life (MCFL) newsletters, and regularly posting blog content. 

"We focus on being advisors to our clients, providing relevant information and advice, so our clients can make informed decisions about their real estate investments," says Reel. "All the automation tools built into DeltaNET help us disseminate that information and advice, and help us keep the channels of communication open with our prospects and clients." 

Reel believes that having all of these tools that make the agents' lives easier is the reason they have such a high adoption rate of the technology at Dickson Realty. 

"I'm using the word 'easy' a lot here, but this is the word I hear most often from our agents," says Reel. "Having a technology platform that's considered to be easy to learn and easy to use by our agents translates directly into adoption, where we're seeing greater than 50% of our agents logging into the DeltaNET in the first six months." 

Reaching Their Goals With the Help of Delta 

Over the past few years, Dickson Realty has seen great growth and success. One of their goals for the new year is to continue growing and increase their market share even more. 

"Our goals for 2023 include continued growth and success," says Reel. "For three of the past four years, we've increased our market share despite more competition from large corporate real estate companies. We intend to continue our growth trajectory." 

Another goal they have is to continue to recruit agents who represent their brand well and mesh with their culture. Aside from bringing on new agents, they strive to retain their current agents and help them succeed both individually and as a team through continued education and support. 

Reel says, "From 2020 through 2022, we attracted and retained about a quarter of the region's top-producing agents. We're going to continue to recruit agents who fit our culture and want to build upon their success with the top-ranked firm in the area." 

He believes that Delta Media Group is going to play a substantial role in helping them achieve these goals, given that the tools and features provided through DeltaNET supply everything they need to keep leveling up. 

"We're confident that Delta Media Group and the DeltaNET will be key in helping us reach these goals," says Reel. "The depth and variety of the toolkit that Delta Media brings to our company, I believe, is second to none."

Celebrating 50 Years in Business

In 2023, Dickson Realty will celebrate 50 years in business, which is not a small accomplishment. With a long history of success in their rearview, they are always making updates to keep things fresh. 

"As the largest real estate firm in Northern Nevada and the 96th largest independent real estate firm in the country, we're launching a modern, more contemporary brand to take us into the next decade," says Reel. 

One of the keys to their success over the past 50 years has been their consistency in maintaining a high standard of service. Dickson Realty plans to keep this up for the next 50 years, and the next 50 years after that. And this goes beyond the way they treat their customers; it's also the service the staff provides for their agents and that they provide for their communities. 

"We're positioned to continue to provide the same high-level customer service, industry leadership, and community service that Dickson Realty has become known for," says Reel. 

Climbing to New Heights 

By supporting their communities, prioritizing the well-being of every agent, and elevating the customer experience, Dickson Realty has risen to the top of the Reno-Lake Tahoe real estate market. Reel feels that Delta has helped make all of this possible with its significant impact. He encourages others in the industry to try DeltaNET themselves to experience the same impact. 

"I could go on and on and on about how much we love Delta, but to learn about the full impact of what Delta Media can do for a successful real estate company is to experience it," says Reel. "So I encourage anyone who's reading this or who is seeing this and is interested in learning more to schedule a meeting with the Delta team."

Dickson Realty is always climbing to new heights. As they continue to raise their standards even higher, we don't doubt that 2023 will be their best year yet!


The pandemic changed the way we do many things, and one of those things is how companies train employees. The days of in-office face-to-face training are nearly over, and a new method, virtual training, has been widely adopted. Virtual training is the new norm, but with endless emails and Zoom calls, it's growing tiresome for many people. 

What if there were another way to train your agents and staff virtually that also saved both parties a great deal of time and energy? 

This past spring, Delta released its first-ever training platform: DeltaNET Academy. This unique interactive virtual training platform helps agents get acquainted with their new technology and company practices through slideshows, videos, and even quizzes. And better yet, they can participate on their own schedule. Without needing to commit to attending a training session ahead of time, they can train whenever it's most convenient for them. 

Train Agents with Built-in Courses 

When logging in to DeltaNET Academy for the first time, you'll see that four pre-built courses are already available to get sales associates up-to-date with the DeltaNET and Delta's various marketing and technology offerings. 

These built-in courses include: 

  1. Welcome to the DeltaNET! – This course introduces agents to the DeltaNET and its tools and features. 
  2. Let the DeltaNET Do it for You (Automation) - This course shows agents how DeltaNET uses automation to assist with everything from lead generation to digital marketing. 
  3. Customizing Your Website – This course shows agents how they can custom-create their website using DeltaNET. 
  4. Organizing Your Client Database - This course teaches agents how to organize their client database in DeltaNET. 

        With detailed displays and engaging features, these courses are there to walk your real estate team through the ins and outs of Delta technology, so you don't have to. They are a great way to get your new hires accustomed to using the technology that will set them up to succeed. 

        Custom Create Your Own Courses 

        The built-in courses are just the beginning of DeltaNET Academy. As an admin, you can create custom courses that cater to your company. 

        As the course maker, you are the teacher; you make the curriculum. So, your courses can be about anything you wish — from the office dress code to agent conduct or how agents can market themselves on social media. Designing new courses allows you to tap into your creative side and set the standards for your associates. 

        To create a course in DeltaNET Academy, click "New Course." You can give it a name and choose to whom it will be visible — whether you want it to be for specific agents, offices, or everyone in the organization. Then you will need to add a description of the course. Next, it will take you to the course builder, where you can start designing the course. There you can make multiple "modules," which are like classes. These modules may consist of video content, slides, or both.  

        In the course builder, you can create quizzes for agents to complete at the end of each course. To make a quiz, you just input your questions and possible answers and then mark the correct answer. When making a quiz, you get to decide what percentage of the answers need to be correct for the "student" to pass the quiz. So, depending on the subject and its difficulty level, you can set the bar higher or lower. 

        Courses and modules can easily be rearranged on pages using the system's "drag and drop" feature. And don't worry if it takes you a while to make a course because, in DeltaNET Academy, you can save courses being built as a "draft" and continue to work on them over time. 

        Admins Have Total Control 

        With total control over your courses in DeltaNET Academy, you can assign courses to certain groups and set deadlines. 

        Whether you have a small or large brokerage, you likely want the ability to train agents based on their strengths and weaknesses. Or you may want to assign certain courses to agents or staff in certain geographical areas or that do or don't come into the office. As an admin for DeltaNET Academy, you can choose to whom you assign specific courses. You can even make and assign courses specifically for administrators. That might include training on navigating the admin side of DeltaNET or how to lead a team. 

        When you assign a course, you can also assign a deadline. You can track an agent's progress in a course and see when they finish it by visiting the reports page. There, you will get a list of all your agents, and by clicking on a name, you can see what courses that person is assigned to and what they've completed.  

        Suppose, instead of wanting information on a specific agent, you want to know how many agents have completed or have yet to complete a course. In that case, you can just click on the course preview, which will tell you the names of the agents assigned to it and those who have completed it. 

        Although the platform is called DeltaNET Academy, you have the option to rebrand it for your company with a new name. It's your training platform, so call it what you'd like. You can add new designs and import your logo to match your brand. 

        As an admin, it's your job to activate DeltaNET Academy and create a tile for it to show up on the dashboard for your agents. New tiles can be created by going to the personal side, finding the landing page to which you want to add the tile, then clicking "Edit Tiles" and "Add Tile."  

        Navigation is Simple for Agents 

        Navigation is simple on the agent side. Agents can access Delta Academy through their dashboard in DeltaNET and complete courses with only a few clicks. They can begin a course and come back to it as they please. 

        It's also easy for them to keep track of their courses. When agents log in to DeltaNET Academy, they automatically get a list of the courses they have been assigned, noting what courses have yet to be completed. Next to each course listed is a "start" button for them to click on to start or continue that course. Once they complete a course, it's removed from their list. Aside from having their courses and deadlines listed on their home page, the due dates for their assigned courses will also appear on their calendar, reminding them of what they need to get done. 

        With simple navigation for agents throughout the training platform, your team will be more like-minded than ever. Your real estate team will operate efficiently, and you won't have to worry because everyone will be on the same page.  

        An Even Better Version is Coming 

        Although the platform is already full of awesome features to help your real estate business and its employees thrive, there are always improvements to be made. DeltaNET Academy will soon be launching into phase two, which will be complete with more actions and features to make training your team even better. 

        With this new version, you'll be able to restrict an agent's access to certain features, depending on whether they completed a course. For example, if an agent has not completed the website design course, they can be restricted from making their website until they do. Or, if they have not completed the digital marketing course, they can be blocked from sending email campaigns. 

        Phase two will also include "achievements," which are like badges. These will be displayed on DeltaNET after completing a course. Not only will this feature give associates a sense of accomplishment, but as an admin, you will be able to identify who is trained in what areas based on the presence of these badges. 

        This update will also offer an option to host a "class." So, if multiple agents want to complete a course simultaneously, they can do so by joining the same training event. Attendees then pass the course based on their attendance rather than a test or quiz. That is unless you still wish to give one anyway, which you always have the option to do. 

        Your Agents Will Love DeltaNET Academy 

        DeltaNET Academy is built into the DeltaNET and requires no additional purchase or cost. It's entirely free; no surprises or hidden fees.  

        So, instead of stressing over getting all your agents together for a Zoom call and checking to see that everyone shows up and pays attention, start designing courses through DeltaNET Academy and see if it improves your company's operations. Odds are, it will. 


        From Instagram and Facebook to LinkedIn and Google, Paid Media Marketing can help you gain new leads and recruit top talent. 

        Everybody knows that in this day and age, digital marketing is the key to business success. However, that's only if it's done right. Your ability to gain traction online can make or break your real estate business. That's why you need Delta Media Group's® Paid Media Marketing Services. 

        The Benefits of Paid Marketing 

        There are many benefits to paid marketing that you won't get through organic media posting. Having the right message and good-looking graphics can only take you so far if they aren't shown to the right audience — or even worse, they aren't reaching an audience at all. You may think posting to your feed on social media is enough, but your lack of leads likely begs to differ. Organic posts on social media are only shown to approximately 2-3% of your followers and rarely to anyone who isn't following you. Plus, your ads are almost guaranteed to get buried in their feed and never resurface. With paid ads, your content never gets buried at the bottom and is directly shown to those looking for the real estate services you provide. 

        Even if you have a well-designed website and some great listings, prospects won't find you immediately. With Google Ads, your ads find them. Utilizing audience targeting and keyword research, paid ads are sure to reach the right demographic, allowing you to quickly and effectively land new leads by positioning your brand in front of high-value customers.  

        Why Choose Delta for Paid Media? 

        Now that you're sold on the benefits of paid marketing, you might still be wondering why you should work with Delta as your paid media provider. First, Delta Media Group is a Certified Google Ads Partner, one of only a few hundred in the United States to be recognized for our high ad performance. With Delta's top-tier technology, your website connects automatically to your Google Ads account, Facebook Business Manager, and Google Analytics, so everything seamlessly works together. 

        When choosing Delta, you get the assistance of leading real estate technology and the knowledge of a licensed Realtor® and Paid Media Strategist. We use the most up-to-date marketing practices, keeping an eye on what ads are working for brokers and agents across the country. We also invest in privacy to keep you ahead of the curve. 

        The experience of working with Delta for paid media is extremely hands-off, giving you more time to focus on conducting business elsewhere. Similar to our other tech offerings, you can "set it and forget it." Our specialists will take care of all the rest. However, unlike third-party agencies you rarely communicate with, you're never left in the dark with your paid advertising efforts when working with Delta. Although we do the heavy lifting for you, as a family-owned business, we also understand the value of communicating with our customers. When you choose to work with us, you will receive one-on-one care from our specialists and have regular calls or Zoom meetings to discuss your campaign progress and goals. Additionally, unlike most third-party agencies, no long-term contract is required for our paid media services. We operate on a month-to-month basis. 

        Another benefit of working with Delta is having everything — from your CRM to your website and digital marketing toolkit — in one place. Having to piece together different providers is not only a hassle but can also hinder your marketing efforts. When working with an all-in-one provider, there's no need to go anywhere else.  

        Get to Know Our Paid Media Specialist, Winston Widdes 

        Winston Widdes has impressive credentials as a digital marketer and 17 years of experience as a licensed Realtor®. He knows the ins and outs of both paid advertising and the real estate industry. 

        Winston's grandfather was a builder and contractor; his father worked for their family's construction business. Since working in the industry seemed to be a family tradition, in 1998, Winston started an apprenticeship with a real estate flipper. Then in 2005, he got licensed as a Realtor®, joining Century 21 Award in San Diego, CA. During his time at Century 21, Winston quickly learned that the way to become a top producer in real estate was to have great marketing. His hard work and skilled marketing efforts ultimately landed him the titles of Top Producing Agent and Top Listing Agent in 2007, just two years after starting his career. 

        "I was always looking for a way to become a top producer, to do the best I could and get an edge over my competition, and I discovered that marketing was the way to do that," said Winston. 

        Leveraging the skills he acquired throughout his time in real estate, in 2009, Winston transitioned into marketing. He began working as a Marketing Manager for a kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. There, he first gained experience with paid advertising by managing ads on Google, Yelp, and various other platforms. Three years later, in 2012, Winston started working with real estate investors, and in 2016, he started working for FortuneBuilders, a real estate investment consulting firm owned by the stars of HGTV's "Flip This House." In this role, Winston worked as an Internet Marketing Consultant for real estate investors. During his time at FortuneBuilders, he completed over 6,000 consulting calls. 

        Pick the Package That's Right for You 

        Delta's Paid Media Marketing Services include four different marketing package options. Paid Media Marketing packages can be purchased as an add-on to your digital marketing toolkit in DeltaNET®. Let's look at what they are and what they have to offer. 

        Google Ads for Buyers and Sellers - With Google Ads for buyers and sellers, you get custom-made targeted ads for potential buyers and sellers in your area displayed throughout the internet. These ads will increase brand awareness, drive your website traffic, and earn you new leads and customers. 

        Luxury Listing Ads on Google - Do you have luxury listings struggling to reach the right audience? Get your listings seen by high-end customers seeking a new home through targeted Google Ads, and start seeing your luxury homebuyer leads skyrocket. 

        Facebook & Instagram Ads – The average online user spends about 2.5 hours daily on social media. Instead of only showing your ads to a select few people with organic social media postings, touch tons of prospective buyers and sellers through targeted posts on Instagram and Facebook. If you're already creating content to post organically, you can see what might perform the best and use that for your paid ads or have our team create your ads for you! 

        LinkedIn Recruiting Ads – Recruiting top talent is an important part of growing your business. With LinkedIn Recruiting Ads, reach a whole new pool of talented real estate professionals and those new to the industry looking to join a team like yours. Through using precise market data, multiple ad formats, sponsored content, text ads, sponsored InMail, and dynamic ads, we help you recruit talent by bringing your brand front and center. 

        Start Reaching the Right Audience 

        While Delta's paid media services cover many different aspects of marketing, each tool is tailored for the same express purpose of reaching the right audience. Every process step is finely tuned and accounted for, from creating marketing materials sure to spark engagement to customizing your ads to speak to your ideal customers. Not only is everything taken care of for you, but it's performed by an expert who knows how to get you results. When trying to do it yourself, you will likely need to do more trial and error and waste time researching and learning how to design a good ad. By allowing us to handle your paid advertising, you'll have more time to focus on other areas of your real estate business.  

        To start using Delta's Paid Media Marketing Services and reach the right audience, contact Franklin Stoffer at 


        As a real estate brokerage in the digital age, you need a well-rounded CRM that's simple for sales associates of varying tech levels to navigate — and that's DeltaNET® 7. 

        One of the primary goals for Delta when creating DeltaNET 7 was to be something that worked for ALL agents, not just the less than 10% who consider themselves tech-savvy. In doing this, Delta Media Group® updated its CRM platform to provide more of an app-like experience for users. 

        Pages are Simplified in DeltaNET 7 

        Taking customer feedback into account, the pages are simplified in DeltaNET 7. There's no more endless scrolling; instead, they're organized with widgets, filters, and thumbnails. Plus, with a mobile mentality, you can easily navigate them on the go through your smartphone or tablet.  

        For example, the Traffic Report and Calendar Module pages have been condensed, eliminating unnecessary content. Also, responding to leads is as simple as clicking a button — just choose between a call, text, or email icon and type your message. 

        The email campaign page in DeltaNET 7 has been simplified as well. Now, you can see what campaigns are active and which are not. You can even see which ones you created and which were created by Delta. This page will also tell you when the campaign ends and allows you to chain on and send a new campaign when the current one ends. 

        The Role-Based System Eliminates Confusion 

        With DeltaNET 7, we're introducing the role-based system. This change allows admins to control which links, pages, and features are available in the DeltaNET on a per-agent basis for further customization. Also, "default roles" can be applied to any user, eliminating the need to build roles from scratch.  

        The role-based system is there to reduce clutter and confusion within the DeltaNET. By setting specific roles, agents know what features to use and are not bogged down with extra buttons. They can easily locate and navigate those key features with a streamlined dashboard. 

        Although many agents wish to have only a few features in their DeltaNET to keep things simple, that doesn't mean agents who want to do more have to be limited. If you have some tech-savvy agents who want to utilize as many tools at their disposal as possible, they still can. That's the beauty of being able to cater to each individual user. 

        DeltaNET Academy is There to Train You 

        Although everything is simplified in DeltaNET 7, that doesn't mean you'll automatically know how to use it. And that's okay. Like anything in life, DeltaNET 7 requires learning. That said, you can easily learn how to use the updated CRM with training through DeltaNET Academy. DeltaNET Academy, Delta's virtual training platform, is already integrated into DeltaNET 7, so training can be completed without ever leaving the system. 

        DeltaNET Academy is equipped with built-in courses designed by our technical support team, who consistently make updates and build new ones. These courses provide training in areas such as navigating the DeltaNET and its features, creating your agent website, and more. Along with these pre-provided courses, admins can create new courses to educate their agents on company policies and Delta technology.  

        Leverage the Help Center 

        DeltaNET 7 also features a help center. So, if you want the answer to a question and don't want to sit through a whole training course, you can use this convenient resource and find the answer in just a few seconds. All you have to do is type your question in the search bar at the top of the page. You can also search by categories already listed on the page. Either way, a list of articles and videos with the answer to your question will be generated automatically. Finally, look through the content provided to find your answer. 

        Visit Our YouTube Channel 

        Another valuable resource for getting accustomed to your new technology is the Delta Media Group YouTube channel. This comprehensive channel is full of webinars, Tech Tuesday videos, and other content to help you better understand how to navigate the DeltaNET. 

        If you aren't familiar with Tech Tuesday, these are videos Delta Media Group uploads every Tuesday, demonstrating a specific feature or function. Voiced by Harley Wolfarth, Delta's Product and Technology Manager, these brief yet informative videos are perfect for visualizing and refreshing your knowledge of the tools and features you use daily. Some examples of Tech Tuesday videos include demonstrations on how to set up your blog system, change your settings in Social Connector, or send My Customer for Life (MCFL) email newsletters.  

        Our YouTube channel isn't the only place to find updates and new information about Delta products. Our social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, are also great resources for staying in the know. With blog posts and daily announcements, you can continue learning about DeltaNET 7 and how to get the most out of your technology.  

        A Provider That's Approachable 

        Over the past two years, the Delta Media Group team has been focused on creating an approachable platform for all agents. We wanted to construct a technology that everyone would feel comfortable using. We want your business to succeed, and we know that the easier it is to use the tools you need, the more you'll get out of them.  

        Even though this next generation of the DeltaNET has arrived, as always, we will be looking ahead to the generations to come. As an independent, family-owned company, we aim to satisfy our customers and provide the best platform possible for all its users. 


        The #1 real estate CRM has never been more simplified, more automated, or more customizable. 

        Just as your iPhone or MacBook needs an upgrade every few years, so does your CRM. Give your tech platform an upgrade with DeltaNET 7, the all-in-one solution made simple for all agents, no matter their tech level. 

        DeltaNET 7 gives you what you need to grow your business. It allows you to be powerful, be efficient, be creative, be reliable, and be different. Featuring new products like Delta Pitch, Delta Create, and DeltaNET Academy, with DeltaNET 7, there's more you can do than ever before.  

        How It All Started 

        Dating back to its early days in 1993, Delta Media Group® has been a pioneer in real estate technology. It all began when Wayne Mangold founded the Delta Group company in Beaverton, Oregon, with the vision of bringing real estate information out into the world. Remember that this was before the invention of Google and well before smartphones. So, online real estate listings and agent marketing felt like mere dreams for the future. Nevertheless, Delta created new technology for those in the industry to begin posting their listings online.  

        In 1994, the company served numerous clients across the country as they aggregated MLS data feeds that included property photos. Years later, in 1997, Mangold brought on a new partner, and together they were solely invested in growing the company and taking the technology to a larger scale. They created Delta Doors, the groundwork for the DeltaNET® we have today. 

        In 1998, Mangold partnered with Chi Chi Cao, re-branded the company as TigerFly Inc., and moved the business headquarters to Sunnyvale, California. TigerFly operated as a business-to-business provider. They had two goals in mind: to help real estate brokerages and franchises take their business online and to build an online MLS platform or e-commerce platform that the brokerage would own and control. 

        Two years later, Delta's current CEO, Michael Minard, and three other partners bought TigerFly. They moved the business to Barberton, Ohio, and re-branded it once again, creating Delta Media Group. Delivering the perfect setup for success, Minard came from the tech industry, while the other three partners brought in knowledge from the real estate industry. Minard changed the windows server that TigerFly had in place for their platform to .NET; thus, the DeltaNET CRM was born. 

        DeltaNET Through the Years 

        The DeltaNET has come a long way since its inception almost 22 years ago. Starting as a simple way for brokerages to list properties online, it evolved into one of the most comprehensive marketing and technology platforms available on the market. And innovation never stops. 

        In 2001, as part of DeltaNET® 2, the first version of the lead routing, lead management, and lead distribution platform was formed and integrated into the technology. From 2001-2008, Delta focused on growth within the company and its technology. Accepting and implementing client feedback became a huge priority for Delta, as it still is today. 

        Between 2008 and 2016, Delta Media Group worked tirelessly to implement automation, incorporating Artificial Intelligence (AI) into DeltaNET for the first time. Then in 2017, soon after Minard became 100% owner of the company, DeltaNET® 5 launched, followed by DeltaNET® 5.1 in 2018. 

        A year later, in 2019, Delta implemented its real-time data translation platform, becoming the only provider on a national level to sync real-time with MLS data. That same year, Ad Wizard and Open House Connector® were created and added to the growing toolkit in DeltaNET. 

        DeltaNET® 6 launched in 2020, with new features such as SMS text messaging and email drip campaigns. Patent-pending Quick Actions were also launched in tandem with DeltaNET 6, giving users a quick and simple way to perform daily tasks in the system. Creative Studio was introduced as well, providing agents the ability to design graphics and make custom marketing materials like eCards, flyers, property listing brochures, and more.  

        The Arrival of DeltaNET 7  

        Now, the next generation of real estate technology is here. Providing the same functionality as DeltaNET 6, with a new interface and workflow, DeltaNET 7 is more simplified, more automated, and more customizable. It's easy to use, allows for creativity, and leads the way with the latest trends in real estate marketing and technology.  


        Comprised of all the products and features you already find indispensable, DeltaNET 7 is simpler to use because instead of catering to the 10% of tech-savvy agents, it's built for the other 90% who aren't. Here are some of the ways in which DeltaNET 7 has been simplified: 

        • Enjoy an App-like Experience 

        With a mobile-first mentality, DeltaNET 7 is more of an app-like experience. Whether you're using it on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, your toolbar is streamlined to only include the actions you need. 

        • Simply Navigate Pages 

        We take customer feedback very seriously at Delta, and one issue we heard often was that in DeltaNET 6, there was seemingly endless scrolling on many pages. With DeltaNET 7, there's barely any scrolling necessary, as tabs are used to organize pages. A uniform filter icon is also displayed throughout the entire platform to sort through nearly anything you want.  

        • Plan Ahead with the Calendar Module 

        The Calendar Module is one page in particular that will be much simpler in DeltaNET 7. Previously the calendar did not fit on one page and required scrolling to see what events you had coming up. Now, the calendar not only fits on one page but is far more organized and easier to read, helping you plan better for the week or month ahead.  

        • Easily Manage Your Listings 

        Managing your listings is also much simpler with DeltaNET 7. Instead of having a table list view on the page, there are now thumbnails for all the properties you have listed. So, rather than having to scroll through them to find the one you're looking for, you can easily locate and manage any listing by clicking on the thumbnail. 

        • Stay Up to Date on Company News 

        Another efficient upgrade you'll find in DeltaNET 7 is on the Company News page. Instead of scrolling, company news is now shown in boxes, appearing like a calendar, with the option to filter updates by date instead of searching for them.  

        • Easily Edit Your Agent Profile 

        Navigation on the agent profile page is made simple with a workflow that allows you to quickly jump into different sections — such as your website, social media, or phone numbers. Before this, in DeltaNET 6, you would need to scroll through various boxes to find the section you were looking for. 

        • Manage Your Open Houses Using Open House Connector®

        The latest version of Open House Connector makes it almost effortless to manage your open houses. Through this app, customers can find all the information they need on your open house and easily sign up. It then provides you with a list of attendees and their contact information to follow up and stay in touch with following the open house. Also, you can create a quick survey for customers to take after the open house. This information will help you identify the strengths, weaknesses, and level of interest in the property for sale. The settings in Open House Connector can be easily managed as well, allowing you to turn specific features on and off. 

        • Simplify Navigation with the Role-Based System 

        The role-based system makes navigating DeltaNET 7 more comprehendible for everyone. With this change, admins can set default "roles" for their agents, which can be basic or more involved based on what that agent needs. They can also create new, customized roles for agents, brokers, or other positions within the company. Agents will only see the pages and features that match their role with this system, eliminating confusion.  

        • Storage is Simplified with CloudDelta 

        Similar to popular platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive, CloudDelta is a file storage system built into the DeltaNET. This system eliminates the need for a third party to store all your files, and it's as easy as ever with DeltaNET 7. 


        Nearly everything is automated in DeltaNET 7, saving you and your team valuable time. Here are some ways in which automation is used to assist you in DeltaNET 7: 

        • Send Automated Smart Drip Email Campaigns 

        Smart Drip Email Campaigns are automated campaigns you can send with already prepared emails for buyers, sellers, and homeowners. No matter where the client is in their homeownership journey, these campaigns will ensure that you'll be the first person they call whenever they need something. 

        • Send My Customer for Life (MCFL) Automated Newsletters 

        At Delta, we know that staying in touch with customers can be difficult, especially when you have a laundry list of other tasks to get through. That's why we created MCFL. From homeowner tips to guidance for new buyers and advice for selling your home, MCFL newsletters include the information your customers want to know. And with new newsletters published weekly, there is never a shortage of creative content to choose from. MCFL newsletters are pre-written by Delta's amazing content writers, so all you have to do is send them out to your mailing list.  

        • Share Social Media Posts Using Social Connector 

        To attract new clients and keep your existing network up to date on all your latest endeavors, you can automatically share posts on social media using Social Connector. With Social Connector, you can share anything from new property listings to open house information and other news without ever having to leave the DeltaNET.  

        • Automatically Pull Client Testimonials from Social Media 

        Positive customer reviews are a proven way to land new clients, so you'll surely want to show them off. DeltaNET 7 can pull client testimonials from your social media accounts through automation. They can then be displayed on your website for visitors to see. 

        • Automatically Create a CMA Report with Delta Pitch 

        With Delta Pitch, Delta's Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) tool, you can automatically create a CMA in just two clicks. Plus, when a potential seller visits the AVM page on your website, they can fill out a form to request a CMA. From there, the CMA will automatically be created for them and sent to you as a flipbook for you to present to them. Providing a simple way to impress sellers with your knowledge of the current market, Delta Pitch is guaranteed to land you new listings.  

        • Send Auto-Generated Market Watch Reports  

        There is also an opportunity in DeltaNET 7 to generate branded Market Watch Reports. These auto-generated reports can be created in seconds using informative data on housing market trends, average home prices, recent sales, and more. 

        • Send Customers the Latest Listings with My HomeFinder 

        Through My HomeFinder, you can provide your clients and leads with the most up-to-date information on homes for sale in the cities and neighborhoods they're looking to buy in. It even allows you to track user activity to see who's been browsing and what listings caught their eye. 

        • Send Auto-Generated Seller Reports 

        Seller Reports are also auto-generated. These reports show clients how you've been marketing their homes. Sent weekly, Seller Reports include information such as a traffic report for their listing, the current listing price, any pending sales, and comparable listings. 

        • Manage Your Workflow with Auto-Generated To-Do Lists 

        To manage your daily workflow and help you stay organized, DeltaNET 7 has the ability to make you an automated to-do list. Through this list, you will be reminded what leads to follow up with and when based on customer interaction on your website. 


        DeltaNET 7 is highly customizable, giving you the power to take charge and be in control. Here are some ways in which customization comes into play with DeltaNET 7: 

        • Custom Design Your DeltaNET 

        As an admin in DeltaNET 7, you can white-label the entire platform, giving you total control over the design and navigation. You can change anything from the colors to the name. If you don't want the platform to be called DeltaNET, it doesn't have to be. You can name it whatever you want and refer to it that way internally within your company. Our partner success managers are here to help you create your own unique version of DeltaNET that works best for you. 

        • Customize Your Website 

        Along with customizing your DeltaNET, you can custom-create a beautiful website in DeltaNET 7 to attract new customers and show off your brand. Delta websites are not only pleasing to the eye, but they're easy to navigate and have all the tools you need, providing you with the ability to post property listings, open house information, client testimonials, and so much more. 

        • Create Custom Blog Posts 

        You can custom-create blog posts to share with customers through DeltaNET 7 as well. Whether you want to give recommendations for local spots in the area, give new homebuyers a checklist of everything they need to know, or give your opinion about the rise or decline in interest rates, you can do so through your blog. And better yet, Delta's talented content writers are always available to consistently write and publish new blog posts for you.  

        • Customize Training Courses with DeltaNET Academy 

        In DeltaNET Academy, you can custom-create training courses for your agents. Although the virtual training platform has pre-designed courses for just about everything you need to know inside DeltaNET 7, admins can design new courses for their associates related to anything in their business. Courses include customizable slides, videos, and quizzes to teach your team and test their knowledge. Admins can also assign and set due dates for specific agents or groups. 

        • Custom Design CMA Reports Using Delta Pitch 

        Delta Pitch allows for customization with the templates and presentations you can create for CMA reports. Delta Pitch is not just a CMA builder; it's an entire presentation builder. Once you create a CMA, it will be integrated into a beautifully curated flipbook. You can customize your flipbook by choosing from pre-made templates and adding and deleting pages as you please. Then, when you're satisfied with the final product, send it to the customer, and schedule a Zoom call to present it. With your presentation skills, market knowledge, and stunning flipbook, when the potential seller decides they're ready to list their home, you'll be the first person they call. 

        • Create Custom Graphics in Delta Create 

        In Delta Create, you can do everything from design posts for social media and create property listing brochures to make flyers and eCards to send to customers. With pre-designed templates, designing new graphics and marketing materials is simplified, just like everything in DeltaNET 7. 

        Transitioning to DeltaNET 7 

        If you've been a long-time customer of Delta Media Group, then you likely know how the transition works — as it will be similar to the transition from DeltaNET 5 to DeltaNET 6. If not, you should know that the transition is seamless and requires little action on your end. 

        DeltaNET 7 can be enabled on a per-user or per-office basis, so not everyone in your company has to transition simultaneously. That way, if you wish to at first only turn it on for office managers, you can do so, and they can get accustomed to it before your agents begin to use it. 

        When transferring to DeltaNET 7, not only do most of the products you already use transfer over but so does all your data. Everything from your leads to your history and custom emails and templates will transfer over with you so that nothing will be lost. By transferring everything over for you, the transition will have little to no disruption for your business. 

        With tools like DeltaNET Academy, the help center, and Delta's YouTube channel, all the information you need to get started is already at your disposal. If you want to learn how to use a certain tool or feature, it's as simple as taking a course in DeltaNET Academy. And if you have a specific question, type it in at the top of the help center page, and a list of articles and videos on the topic will automatically pop up. Check out our Tech Tuesday videos, which can be found on our YouTube channel and our social media. In these videos, Delta's Product and Technology Manager, Harley Wolfarth, demonstrates how to use different features in the DeltaNET each week.   

        There is also no risk with transitioning to DeltaNET 7 because in the unlikely event you're not happy with it, you can always turn off the update and stick with DeltaNET 6. It's your choice. Just like with everything in DeltaNET 7, you have the power. 

        Take Advantage of the All-in-One Platform 

        With more you can do than ever before, DeltaNET 7 has everything you need to keep up with current real estate trends. And better yet, it's all in one convenient, easy-to-navigate place. From digital marketing tools like MCFL and Social Connector to managing your listing and prepping for open houses with Open House Connector, DeltaNET 7 is a one-stop destination for all your real estate business needs. Leveraging artificial intelligence, the CRM allows you to work smarter, not harder. 

        Delta Media Group designed the DeltaNET 7 interface just for you, based on your feedback from DeltaNET 6. Our goal was to simplify the technology you already know and love, further improving your day-to-day operations. Start using DeltaNET 7 immediately and take advantage of the simplest, most automated, and most customizable all-in-one CRM on the market today. It will change your business for the better. 



        Delta Media Group® is taking CMA reports to the next level with its automated custom CMA and presentation builder, Delta Pitch. 

        This past May, Delta Media Group launched Delta Pitch. Being completely automated and customizable, this Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and presentation builder goes hand-in-hand with DeltaNET® 7. Leveraging high-tech automation to generate accurate CMA reports you can present to customers, Delta Pitch is here to help you connect with and impress new leads. This can be accomplished with just a few clicks. 

        How Does Delta Pitch Work? 

        There are two different ways automated CMAs can be generated using Delta Pitch. The first is when a prospective seller visits your website's Automated Valuation Model (AVM) page and fills out a form requesting a CMA. The other is by creating one as an agent in the backend. 

        If a customer requests a CMA through the AVM page on your website, not only will a new lead be created in DeltaNET, but you will automatically be sent links to the auto-generated flipbook and PDF with the completed CMA. Then you can send it back to the customer and schedule a Zoom call to present the beautiful CMA report and dazzle them with your presentation skills. 

        To create the CMA in the backend, when you open Delta Pitch, under "Find Your Property," there will be an option to enter the property address or MLS ID number as well as the name of the customer you're making the CMA for. Enter those fields accordingly, and if the customer is not already in the system, you can add them by clicking "Add New Customer." You can even leave the customer field blank and add in the customer's name at a later time. Then, click "Create CMA," and it will automatically generate a CMA report with comps pulled from public record data. Finally, you can share it with the customer. 

        With Delta Pitch, all your CMA reports are stored in one place, where you can edit and keep track of all the ones you've created and previously sent. You can filter the CMAs by the customer, too, by visiting their profile. 

        Customize Your CMA with Pre-Designed Templates 

        Agents can customize a CMA report in Delta Pitch by choosing from pre-designed templates. Included with Delta Pitch are three pre-made templates for CMA flipbooks catered to your company's brand — integrating the color scheme and logo. However, these templates are customizable with the option to make changes to the content. For example, every pre-made CMA template has an introductory paragraph on the first page that, as the agent, you can edit or rewrite yourself. This page is meant to introduce you as an agent so that the first thing the lead sees when they open the flipbook is who you are and how they can get in touch with you.  

        With these pre-made templates, you also have the option to edit and customize the comps and report data. You can add, delete, and reorder pages using "drag and drop" or the drop-down menu, depending on if you're on a computer or using the mobile app. You can even set a template as your "default template." In that case, the system automatically uses that template to create the CMA, whether a customer requests it through the AVM page or you create it yourself. So, if you like a particular design, you can continue to use it for every CMA you make. 

        Although Delta Pitch comes prepared with these pre-made templates designed by the Delta team, admins can also create templates. If you're an admin, you can create new templates for your agents and customize everything from the colors to the page layouts and images. And if you already have a CMA report template saved on your computer as a PDF, you can upload it to Delta Pitch and generate the same template in the system to add to the portfolio for your agents to choose from. It's in your control as the admin to grant agents access to certain templates and designate whether or not a template allows for customization. CMA templates can always be saved as a draft and finished at a later time.  

        Get Started Using Delta Pitch 

        Like all Delta products, Delta Pitch is integrated into the DeltaNET®. It's included with all of Delta's digital marketing packages; however, you can still purchase the product as an add-on without a digital marketing package. Once you purchase Delta Pitch, you have the authority as an admin to choose when to launch Delta Pitch for your agents. You can do so by going to your settings and clicking "yes" or "no" to enable it in the system. You also have the option to only enable Delta Pitch for specific agents and offices.  

        Innovation is never ending at Delta Media Group. As we do with all our products, with Delta Pitch, we will accept your feedback and use it to improve the product over time. We will continue to grow it and integrate new features as we see fit.  

        Delta Pitch helps agents share their market knowledge with leads, gaining new listings without sacrificing time. Reach out today to activate Delta Pitch and begin custom-creating CMA reports that will inspire leads with just two clicks. It won't take long before you start seeing the benefits it can have for your real estate business. 

        To get a quote and activate Delta Pitch for your business, contact Franklin Stoffer at 


        Serving Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, and beyond, every agent and customer at RealtyMark is treated like a VIP. 

        Looking to change up the real estate game, Ramon (Ray) Gaber founded RealtyMark in 2010. After starting in the Philadelphia area, the business quickly grew to New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. RealtyMark is now licensed in New York and expects to be approved soon in Georgia before expanding to Florida and California. 

        Gaber founded the company with the goal of making the lives of real estate agents better. At RealtyMark, agents earn 100% commission, and their transaction fee is $275, capped at $2,750 annually. The base fee to be an agent at RealtyMark is $100 a month; however, the first year is free. Plus, if you bring a new agent to the company, you get an additional free year for recruiting that agent. 

        "I always say there are only two ways to have more money in the world: make more or spend less," says Ray. We give them [agents] both at RealtyMark because we allow them to earn more money, we teach them how to earn more, and we let them keep it." 

        The Agent Experience 

        Not only is it possible to earn more money as a RealtyMark agent, but there are many other enticing incentives for them to succeed. For example, there's an annual RealtyMark cruise offered to agents who do between six and 12 transactions per year. The cruise is usually between seven and 10 nights. Last February, they went on a nine-night Royal Caribbean Cruise that stopped in Haiti, Labadee, St. Martin, and Puerto Rico. An eight-night Royal Caribbean cruise will be available next year. 

        "It's good camaraderie for the agents to be able to not just see someone in the office," says Ray. "They're at the pool. They're at the beach. They're at dinners, lunches, breakfast, shows. It's more of a social atmosphere. A lot of our agents have become really close friends because of the cruise. So, it's a little different than a normal office atmosphere." 

        RealtyMark's agents also have the opportunity to be racecar drivers. All they have to do is bring in sponsors. 

        "NASCAR is the second most-watched sport in America," says Ray. "So, we have race cars on the street that look like NASCAR. And we have programs where if an agent can bring some sponsors in, they can get their own free car to drive around." 

        Aside from these awesome benefits, RealtyMark agents can work from wherever they choose. While live training sessions are hosted several times a week or even multiple times a day, all of them are held virtually over Zoom. Agents are never obligated to come into the office if they don't want to. 

        "Everything can be remote," says Ray. "If they want to come in, great, we have offices all over. But a lot of them never come in at all." 

        Another perk of being a RealtyMark agent is having the RealtyMark Concierge Team at your disposal. This special team does all the agents' paperwork for them, so they don't have to. The concierge team is available seven days a week and will have a client's paperwork ready to sign that day. 

        "I created this about two years ago, the RealtyMark Concierge Team." Ray continues, "I say besides creating RealtyMark and my two children, it's the best creation I ever made. The agent can be inside the house, and if the client says 'we want to put in an offer,' they can pull out their phone, go onto our site, enter between 10 and 15 items, and within the hour, all the paperwork is sent back to the agent ready to DocuSign." 

        RealtyMark also provides constant support for their agents, and that includes having a 24/7 broker hotline they can call to ask for help. And no matter what time of day or how big or small your issue is, they will pick up the phone and answer your question. 

        "At any time of the day or night, they can call and talk to a real estate broker," says Ray. "And basically, we always say, there are no dumb questions. We'd rather they ask the question first instead of getting in trouble." 

        First-Class Treatment 

        At RealtyMark, it's not just the agents who get treated like royalty — it's the customers too. While, of course, they provide excellent customer service and care, they also offer some unique programs clients love. 

        First, through RealtyMark's Closing Protection Program, clients have peace of mind not only throughout the selling process but also right up until the very end. 

        "If, for any reason, our clients do not go to settlement on time, and it's no fault of their own, RealtyMark will put them up in the hotel or motel of their choice for up to three nights," says Ray. "A lot of times, they say, well, why would that happen? Well, if we're representing the seller, all their stuff is in a moving van, and then something happens with the people that are buying their house, and now they have nowhere to sleep except on the floor. It's a nice extra touch to be able to do that." 

        Also, since at RealtyMark "Everyone's a VIP," if the client needs a ride to the closing, RealtyMark will send a limousine to pick them up for free.  

        "We send limousines for our clients; we own the cars. We send them free of charge to bring the clients to and from the closing because everyone's a VIP at RealtyMark," says Ray. 

        RealtyMark gives out free cars to their customers to keep. If a buyer uses a RealtyMark agent that's also the listing agent of the property, they can get a free car leased for up to three years. 

        "We give cars away if the buyer uses our listing agent," says Ray. "So, if we're the listing and they buy the house directly from the listing agent through a dual agency, we'll offer them a free car relative to the value of the home." 

        They also do some exciting promotions, such as if you buy your new house with RealtyMark, they will list your old house for free. 

        "We do promotions like buy your next house with me, and we'll sell your house for free," says Ray. "So, a lot of crazy stuff." 

        Live on TV! 

        Like any successful brokerage, RealtyMark has some excellent strategies for digital marketing. While they still use the essentials like social media and email marketing, they also have something far more unique: a TV show! 

        For nine years running, RealtyMark has had their own show, RealtyMark Showcase of Homes, which airs every Sunday at 9 a.m. EST on PHL17. PHL17 is a popular local station that shows events, including Phillies games, Philadelphia Union soccer games, and the Mummers Parade — which, if you aren't familiar, is a famous Philly tradition that takes place every year on New Year's Day. Airing in 40 different counties throughout four states, many homes have been sold to viewers who watched the show and saw their dream home listed. 

        "We've sold hundreds and hundreds of homes just because people saw it on TV," says Ray. 

        Knowing that their house will be shown on the show also makes sellers more interested in listing with a RealtyMark agent. 

        "It's a listing tool because if you lined up 10 agents that you were thinking about listing your property with," Ray continues, "And if we said, 'well if you list it with me, we'll put it on TV,' my agent's probably going to win out over the other nine." 

        Plus, while television ads tend to be very pricey, RealtyMark agents can feature their listings for free on the show. So, it not only gives them a great way to advertise their listings to a wide audience, but it saves them money too. 

        "A lot of work and many hours go into it every week," says Ray. "And I think it separates us because our agents can put their listings on for free. If they were to just buy commercial time anywhere to put their house on TV, it would be thousands and thousands of dollars. It's one of the benefits of coming to RealtyMark." 

        Another nice thing about the show for both agents and clients is that there's a chance for their kids to be cast in the show. Instead of bringing in talent from elsewhere, RealtyMark gives kids in their own network the chance to have their television debut. 

        "We put a lot of the agents' or the clients' kids on TV; we call them bumpers, and they're in between the houses for sale," says Ray. "We'll have little kids say, 'RealtyMark, don't make a move without us,' or they'll say, 'RealtyMark is selling America, one home at a time.' We give them different things to say, and obviously, the parents have to sign the video release because they're under 18. So, that's a cool thing, and a lot of our agents' kids are on TV." 

        Talking About Tech 

        It wasn't until 2021 that RealtyMark partnered with Delta Media Group®, which was recommended to them after their previous provider discontinued its website product. 

        The first step in working with Delta was custom designing their new website — which they did with half premade templates and half custom design. 

        Dimitri Yarbrough, RealtyMark's Operations Manager, says, "Delta was really efficient and helpful in making a custom website that fit our image." 

        Once the website was up and running, they introduced their agents to the DeltaNET®. With agents of various levels of interest and understanding of technology, they liked the fact that it was something everyone could use. Aside from being easy to navigate, it was efficient and equated with industry standards. It was a "well-rounded solution." 

        "It [DeltaNET] gives them the software they need for marketing, and the agents need their websites, and it's hands-off as well," says Dimitri. "It's pretty easy to use. It helps our agents, especially those who aren't interested in actually engaging in technology. They can just click the button, and they have what the industry standard is. You need that stuff these days." 

        Dimitri believes that it's important to have products like DeltaNET that cater to the older generations and those that aren't as adept at using technology. Otherwise, those people will get left behind — and they shouldn't. While traditional print marketing and community outreach are still viable options for some, it's not where the industry or the future is headed. 

        "In the near future, it seems like there's going to be a big divide between the technology cans and the technology cant's," says Dimitri. "There's going to be a divide between those two groups of people, so I think what we try to do is get the happiest medium because you can't just abandon those people." 

        RealtyMark is the Future 

        RealtyMark's slogan is "The Future of Real Estate." They feel that they are the industry's future because they not only look toward the future but are consistently coming up with innovative ideas that haven't been developed yet. 

        "We're definitely outside-the-box, not your normal vanilla company," says Ray. 

        They aren't looking to be like their competitors. Instead, they strive to be something different and offer something other brokerages don't. RealtyMark always has a new idea waiting to be unveiled, even with all the creative initiatives they already have in place. 

        "We have a lot of cool stuff on deck that we're about to launch because our industry's changing every day," says Ray. "Every time they raise interest rates that will slow the market, there are fewer houses, so the more creative ones get the listings, and that's what we teach our people: how to beat out the others because that's what's going to make them survive instead of giving up." 

        RealtyMark is extremely fast-growing, amassing thousands of agents in just under 12 years of business. And as they expand to new parts of the country, they're looking to double their numbers. If they continue to provide high-quality service and use their creativity to change the industry, there's no way they won't succeed. 

        To learn more about RealtyMark, visit

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